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Here at Jamrock we prepare delicious, homemade classics... alongside our Jamrock originals!

Using our own homemade seasonings and sauces which we're proud to say we make from scratch. Come sample our tender curry goat, ackee and saltfish and our tasty jerk dishes topped with our famous hummingbird sauce!

We have delightful Jamrocktails made to order... including classic rum punch flavoured with allspice berries, Jamrockoladas and our very own 'We Be Jammin'... to name a few! We offer RedStripe on tap, a selection of Jamaican and Caribbean rums and lots of softees.

We like to be different here at Jamrock so we offer Jamrock burritos, jerk pulled pork, Guinness and molasses marinated steaks, a selection of homemade burgers, jerk quesadillas, vegan options, gluten free options, kid friendly selections, brunch and Sunday roasts! We have something for everyone!